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You got Yuki! Congrats! Prince Yuki is your man. He's nice and polite, sweet, kind, and gentle. But he does keep a lot of his emotions bottled up. He doesn't really like his brother as Ayame was absent most of his life and refuses to bond with him. Although he hates Kyo as much as Kyo hates him, he never rises his temper when they fight. Good going, you got a nice calm guy.

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You got Hatsuharu! Lucky you, you get two guys in one! Hatsuharu, or Haru for short is usually
on the calm side with a bit of a bad attitude. This side is known as "White Haru" but if you set him off,
he changes and becomes very enraged. This side is known as "Black Haru". It's just like a cow gone mad
which is conveniently since is the cow. Just don't call him slow, he won't like that.

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    Gavyn Hawke

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    This should turn out to be interesting. Everytime I rp with a girl, her personality and mannerisms end up the same as my girlfriend, but I don't have a girlfriend right now, so Layla will be coming from a true blank slate. Well as long as she doesn't come out as one of my sisters then we should be okay.If she does, then we might be in trouble because they don't have the best personalities.

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    Gavyn Hawke

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    Thank you very much. I worked long and hard trying to build a character that was different, but at the same time not so over the top that he wouldn't fit into the world. I also have Schoolboy, though he is a bit mundane (human). His fiance will be quite interesting once she joins the board. We'll also be seeing a few Thundercats running around, as well as a Green Lantern and a new magician. Should be lots of fun, though I doubt any of the newer characters, except probably Schoolboy's fiance and Ben-Gali of the Thundercats will get any heavy build up, as far as creating as detailed of a chracter, though the others will still be interesting.
    Original comment »


    Reply from Sassykittens:

    Yeah getting a charater to go well with a board is hard. I went through it many times. It drives me nuts because at the time they seem like they fit then after a month it doesn't seem like that at all. For some reason all my blood related characters fit better then my single characters do lol. You know for the longest time I had people guessing if I was male or female since I would play both at rpgs. To the ones that would be wrong I usually said I can't help it if I play a better male hen a female. (But I was always joking with them.)
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    Reply from Sassykittens:

    *Tackles you with hugs.*
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    Aww *blush* Thanks so much for the kind comment you left me.You seem like a wonderful person as well and you do a really great job with your characters ^_^


    Reply from Sassykittens:

    Thankies. Did you look at the link to the funny pic I posted up in the role play talk place? (I used my SpiritNE12 name.) Oh did I tell you? I am SmallonePup also.
  5. 02/16/08

    Thanks!!! You are awesome as well. keep up the great post!

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    Reply from Sassykittens:

    Thanks and I believe you have a reply here Shinzui is kind of in a jam.

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